"Dee Dee gives life to our vision and has huge enthusiasm for what we do. She is an important part of our company's culture and is considered a valuable part of our team."
Barry Kraselsky, President, LBA Properties, Inc.
While our capabilities are applicable to most organizations, we specialize in the following areas:
Specific examples by industry group
  • General Business / Hospitality
    • Brand launches, extensions, positioning
    • Stand-alone and affiliate marketing promotions
    • Existing and new-product/service publicity
    • Research-for-ink
    • Internal communications
    • Client/customer/stakeholder communications
    • Community relations
    • Presentation training
    • Issues management/crisis communications
  • Real Estate / Development
    • General awareness and positioning to peer, lender, customer and influencer audiences (growth, expansion, products, services)
    • Third-party management awareness
    • Communication-centered internal and external program development and implementation
    • Presentation training
    • Issues management/crisis communications
  • Legal (firms and referred clients)
    • We work with attorneys to provide communication solutions for clients experiencing business transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, other changes
    • Firms' niche awareness/publicity
    • Presentation training
    • Issues management/crisis communications
  • Human Issues (children, seniors, disability community, non-profits, advocacy)
    • Publicity and events
    • Internal and advocate communications
    • Presentation and media training
    • Issues management/crisis communications
  • Arts and Education
    • Program launches
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Positioning/publicity
    • Events
Sample list of clients: